Healthy And Cheap Dessert Pizza

healthy and cheap dessert pizza
in a little while. >> thanks. “daybreak” has been going healthy and cheap all week showing you how to feed a family of four for under $20. butler university’s executive chef skojdt taupeas been visiting us all morning. we’ve been using individual — making individual pizzas using stuff around the kitchen. >> and dessert pizzas with stuff around the kitchen. >> left overdough. making the dough, might as well do something else with it. >> what we’ve done here, going to pull it out of the oven so it doesn’t get overdone here. we’ve made a dessert pizza. we’ve taken cherry pie filling we may have around the house, put it on our dough, just kind of spread it around, as much as you want to put on there, as little as you want to put on there and you’re going to get your doc and — >> this is the finished version over here. >> finished product. what we did with the finished product is, if we hav



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