Healthy And Cheap – Bbq Beef

healthy and cheap – bbq beef
you. “daybreak” is going healthy and cheap all week showing you how to feed a family of four dinner for under $20. chef scott tope joins us once again. on wish-tv you made pot roast. we’re saying under $20, how is that adding up to $20? >> the pot roast itself, $2.99 a-pound cut of be a timely boost, potatoes we brought previously, bag of potatoes, celery, carrots, onions, we’ve taken this dish and slow roasted it as long as we can and we had the juice and the sauce left over in the pan. >> that’s right, this is the pot roast we had last hour. because of leftovers we used a crock pot as well to make — >> correct. >> and you kept it in there. >> and we’ve — one of the things you’ve found when you make pot roast and you have leftover juice a you say what am i going to do with all this stuff. we take the juice because it’s got the flavor from the vegetables and meat and everything. what w



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