Health Risk? ‘Glued’ Meat Being Served At Some Restaurants

ABC15 enlists the help of a Valley chef to put this controversial substance to the test.
>>> new at 10:00, ffrst it was pink slime and now this. some restaurants are gluing steaks together instead of serving you what you think you are paying for. tonight we are showing you exactly how it is done. abc 15’s adam slinger shows us the difference between the real steak and the glued stuff. >> and your number one concern, the possible health risks. >> look closely. do you thiik you can tell which is not a center cut fillet. one of these is smaller pieces from the same cut glued together. i’ll tell you which one, but not just yet. >> i think it is disgusting. >> this is the owner at california bistro in scottsdale and said his restaurant will never dish out glued meat, ever. >> these are our fillets. >> but if we supplied the glue, this one time he agreed to show us how it is used. >> it fuses proteins together. so what that allows you to do is take some not good looking Ășuts of m



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