Health Food Remedies

health food remedies
systems. here’s our april douglas. kenny harding says it’s not a job – it’s a lifestyle. harding runs the register at virginia’s health foods in mobile. ” yes, i take fish oil …” harding says more people are turning to his way of life to stay flu free. “a lot of our customers are getting really concerned about taking pharmaceuticals especially antibiotics at doctor’s offices and so they just try to find a more natural approach just to keep themselves from having to make repeat visits. ” harding says there is one product in particular flying off shelves. ” employees say people are buying up stuff like this, to boost their immune system.” alexis atkins her best defense to fighting the flu and other illnesses, healthy habits, and hand washing. ” i take vitamins regularly , when i remember but most of the time. and i just try to eat healthy.” others rely on a higher healing power to keep t



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