Health Alert: Break-Up Cakes

New trend of sending cakes to friends or foes after relationship breakups
a new trend in food may make it easier to cope with a broken heart. rather than just celebrating with sweet treats for weddings, valentines day — or other special occasions — a new report says it may be therapeutic to order a — break up cake –this is video from you tube of 15 different breakup cakes –these the funny ones designed to help you inject humor with the heart ache. now food network magazine reports this has become a hot new craze in a way break up with someone as well –rather than sending them an e-mail or text — you can have a break up cake sent to them. just in case your wondering –companies that advertise these say they come in flourless chocolate, dark chocolate or even red velvet and tend to cost about twenty bucks each. by the way you can customize your message to say everything from it’s over to you broke my heart. now here’s the one i like — supportive friends



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