Hazelnut Encrusted Cod

We’re cooking Hazelnut Encrusted Cod with English Pea and Fenugreek Sauce with DeWolf Tavern.
>> let’s head’s into the kitchen with once upon a patrick. . >> we have one w of our favorites, lawrence brown from the dewolf tavern in ve bristol. hope you had a great lakes weeken d. we have what ise this, hazelnutt encrusted cod and a couple of other words that i can’tt pronounce. what else is new? >> hazelnut encrusted co dd with englishis tea andnd fenugreek sauce. s >> that was the one i wasonwa stumbling over in rehearsal.ar >> that’s a lot of butter. >> oh, yeah that’s butter. that’s going to be’s butter, hazelnut, paprika. once the butter melts off theff fish and leaves the hazelnut, it’s an excellent dish. >> what’s the stuff on the o side i don’t want to pronounce? >> fenugreek. it’s a very aromatic indian herb, native of india, you’ll get a nice ear nthy tones from it, very — it goesit very well witweh hazelnut.ut >> ok. great. i am scared about this. >> well, i mean, we we



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