Have Lunch, Dinner And Drinks And Get 50% Off The Menu

There’s no need to pack lunch or make dinner because we have a Deal of the Day that will keep your stomach and wallet full.
a great price, we’ll tell you about 50% off food and wine. >> well, if you’re in the mood for a yummy martini and bruschetta, i’m here at the lounge, it recently opened up and we’re here with the owner. you guys recently opened up. i have to say, the decor is fabulous. tell me about the food and the martinis. >> well, we have the specialized martinis. key lime pie. chocolate covered cherry and we have a great selection of appetizers and shrimp cocktails and red pepper hummus and the grilled pizza. >> what’s the average price range for the martini and food. >> martini, $8 food about 3 to $15. >> so, like this pizza. how much? >> $12. but you’re doing a great deal today. actually, today, you’ll open up at 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.. >> going to give them a great deal. anything on the lounge, half off. >> that includes martinnies. >> and organic wines and anything. >> on the menu. >> all you h



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