Haute Lunch

Hot lunch isn’t what it used to be at St. Thomas the Apostle School in Grand Rapids.
>>> hot lunch is not what it used to be at the school in grand rapids. >> my mom had been doing lunch programs for 1 years. she had been doing lunch programs here. we had been ma incremental changes but this year, like a pilot program. >> chris approached his mom with an idea to mcthe lunches more nutritious using local, healthy ingredients. >> i wanted to do something that was more healthy. more sustainable. and try to focus on using local ingredients an real ingredients. so we use a lot of real vegtables that we cook and proces here instead of getting frozen vegetable s or premade french fries. we make our own yogurt here using the milk that is made from michigan. i make my own pizza sauce starting from tomato past, tomato sauce. my soups a willing bill more. we have done a curried lentil soup, a butternut squash soup. in the ’90s we lost the home cooking in the 1278. we brought things



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