Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon is just north of Tucson, in Oro Valley. The cuisine from award-winning chefs is Cantonese, Mandarin and Szechuan.nnOwner and Chef Quincy Zhang‘s love of cooking began early, preparing meals for his younger siblings in Canton, China. He later attended cooking school and moved to Guangzhou, one of Guangdong Province’s gastronomic epicenters, where he honed his skills in the city’s fine restaurants. The gourmet dishes Quincy now creates range in style from Cantonese and Mandarin to Szechuan. Today, with a recipe of hard work, talent and optimism, Quincy and his wife, Wanda, are living their dreams. The joy they find in their family, their customers and creating fine cuisine is the magic ingredient that flavors their many celebrated dishes.nnHarvest Moon
÷q[8gr f?1v >>> well, your idea of chinese food may be good takeout but one restaurant in the neighborhood is changing that one]m+?<ñ entree at a time from the ambience to the dishes andñé&#?iug desserts harvest moon isn’t a cut above the rest it’s in a league on its’ 7z3 own. wanda and kevin and king ma is here to talk about harvesthud rñfv@@ moon. welcome to the show. >> we have a lot of things to talk?íhd%ç about. wanda, you’re cantonese and your dream growing up was to co the united states and open up a restaurant. why tucson? >> because i kso61p. sun here. >> good thing. good answer. we’re# going to learn howm going to learn howm to make short ribspu1çmq=9 and we’re going to make drinks >> sure. i understand it’s happy hour for some of



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