Seasonally Inspired Cooking is the mantra behind MaRKeT Restaurant Group’s newest concept, Harvest. Harvest features fresh salads and soups, seasonal seafood, local grass-fed beef and handmade pasta including ravioli, gnocchi and fettuccine. All ingredients are served fresh and only featured at their peak times throughout the year. The menu changes seasonally to take advantage of our local farmers choice crops. They take this one step further by offering seasonal cocktails using only fresh squeezed juices and freshly muddled ingredients. In addition, our seasonally changing selection of world-class wines was awarded Wine Spectator’s Award.nnMarket Restaurant Group
is the mantra at one restaurant. >> so much so, it’s many changes with the seasons to take advantage of local farmers’ choice crops. > hi. >> good afternoon. >> what are we making? smells delicious. > we have a few different things. tot today we’re going to do ceviche. we are putting together nice seafood appear tivtizeappetizers. we showed up with shrimp and nic nice tilapia. > why is using locally grown important? >> it’s back to the basic, how chefs seeking out perfect ingredients, not by mail order or backing, by seeking known growers and seeing the product. > you’ve got something going on for brenunch on mother’s day. tell us about that. >> we have a great brunch menu. he’ll h we’ll have nice whole lambs, turkeys, breakfast, all using freshly grown ingredients. >> what are you doing. > i dropped the bay scallops in. this is the fast version. when we do our demos, we want to do thing



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