Harry & David

Harry & David
>> i am going to be working while we chat with carry. > we are going to keep the big game week festivities going. harry and david is here this morning. we are talking about quick easy delicious ways to entertain your guests as well if you are not one you want to be in the kitchen during game day you can get harry and david. you provide everything from appetizers to desserts. >> what we have is quick and easy buffalo wings. grab the chicken wings from the grocery store cook them in the oven and baste them with the harry and david sauce. one is spicier than the other. then what i have chosen here is to serve it with an as i can’t go asiago cheese dip. >> not just ranch or blue cheese. >> you can use them in different ways. >> there is. this goes well with chips it goes well with fresh vegetables, too. right next to it i have the spicy meat balls which this time i choose to prepare it with



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