Harry And Davids

harry and davids
all of that to our web site, thehamptonroadsshow.com >> sotomayor is about one week away. in a to start plat — cinco mode mayo isis about one week away a. time to start planning. >> it is a great way too entertain your guest. we have a mild flavor. fl there is a pineapple. i am pouring it over cream cheese. put a few chips in a vault. thiss something that this week. has the pineapple. also, we have a black bean had and corn salsa. that is a really good one. then, in our 15 varieties, which go all the way up to carneiro. that is very spi cy. yo have a pallet that le can handle that. this is an all natural salsa. it comes in two flavors. it is a ro the roasted is unbelievable.li then, there is the chips. th ey go with your salsas. y sa a party is not p complete without your drink mixes. >> you can serve anythingny? >> anything from a margarita to a sangria.. you can serve themyo with alco



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