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>> brian: samaras earth day serious celebrate with earth friendly with harmon’s. thank you for being here laura. >> thanks for having me. at l 5 o’clock hour to save on food waste. now we have an earth friendly recipe. >> yes. in addition to many planning you can choose smart foods.so this is a meatless recipe. but it is a good recipe brian. it is delicious. we have lentils. i have some garlic mushroom and if you want to add this vegetable broth. >> brian: how much the only politically. >> about 2 and a half cups. combine the recipe on harmon’s grocery.com. >> brian: the top and that is! just keep going baby, let’s go! >> i put some adobe saws to give it a smoky flavor. >> brian: you have to have a little, a portland friendly recipe here for earth day. is that a good way to describe it? is a little bit. but it is delicious! i roasted some cauliflower. heavily. that will give it more chew



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