Hard Rock Cafe / World Tour For The Taste Buds

Hard Rock Cafe Takes Your Summer Guests On A World Tour For The Taste BudsnCreate Grilled Selections With International Flair And Drinks That Will Make Them Sing!
>>> coming soon, summer and when it comes to cuisine, gone are the days of boring burgers and forgettable franks. our next guests say this year it is about flavors, local and even global and here to help us out from hard rock is michael and cindy. good morning. >> good morning, bill. >> you are surrounded by deliciousness and memorabilia. cindy, i want to ask you before we get to the grill, we know the hard rock cafe wrote the book and great food and memorabilia and you will give us, so i hear, a little sneak pek of brand new pieces that nobody has seen before until right now on fox 4 morning blend. >> you’re going to hear it first here. of course, we are constantly acquiring and changing memorabilia throughout our 168 cafes worldwide. some of the neat things we just acquired is teen sensation, justin bieber who is really hot, his skateboard and also the black leather jacket that taylor



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