Harborfest Food

Harborfest food
sponsor of the event. the parade of sail kicked sa things off this afternoon. but there ‘s so much more ahead… including visigting vessels, a fireworks show sponsored edby wavy tv and our sister station fox 43… and of course, food! foour tom schaad got a taste of that today. tom, i have a feeling you’re about to make us very hungry. h y.besides the incredible sights on the water, there’s something in the air on onthe shores. appetites come alive at harborfest, a here’s why. one of the largesot waterfront festivals onon the east coast…is also provides a gastronomic voyage. “its a great day” tc 210 clip 6 that voyage startsth off with sweet tea. pam morgan from mr. potato is multiply that by 25 years, and you have an ocean of anmemories (pam morgan/mr. potato) “we remember when it was bana pier…with the chinese pagoda down at the other end.” (nats sizzle ) sounds like a culinary tr



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