Hanukkah Potato Latkes

Homemade potato latkes.
holidays approaching, our “connecticutec style” family decided we wanted to try and bringi you a little bit of everything. now, hanukkah kicks off tonight and there are certain traditions and special foods you eat during hanukkah and one tradition you might find on the table is potatoes latkes. here is chef rebecca from yale university. welcome. >> thanks.s. nice to see you again. >> glad to have you. did i say that right? potato latkes. >> you did. >> your husband best latkes. >> like there are a milion ways to say it, this ares a milion ways to prepare them and every family that eats them has as differenter time-honoredd tradition. this is new but my way of doing them and they’re great. >> so this is chef rebeca style. >> ye.es. >> walk us through what we will do wdoith makingi potato latkes.k >> u sual>>ly aly mixture of plainin old russ set potatoesa and egg to they would together. i



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