First night of Hanukkah and how to make Latkes.
>> it is the beginning of hanukkah. tonight. it is the beginning of hanukkah. we are making latkes here in the indy style kitchen with barb from the jcc who brought two wonderful helpers who are very cute. >> cute. on tv. >> you wave. >> feel free to wave. >> hi, mom. >> hi, mom. >> everybody is watching. >> yes. >> actually, now, barb, today, we are celebrating the beginning of hanukkah making latkes. >> first night of hanukkah is tonight. making latkes. traditional food that we have at hanukkah time. it is about the oil. thought the potato. it is — >> the oil is very important. oil is. >> aut the celebration. oil is very important. when the maccaby’s recaptured the jewish temple in jerusalem, after cleaned the temple, rededicate it, there was only enough oil for the menorah to light for one day. >> right. >> but miracle is a miracle. it lasted for eight days. and that gave the jewish



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