Halloween Recipes

Ann and Alex show you how to make a Halloween classic.
>>> well, the folks at halloween express got us into the spirit of the season and we want to make a classic treat, no tricks, though, to celebrate. >> we’re making caramel apples. >> i’ve never made this before in my life. >> i’ve never made them but i really, really like them. you go to a chocolate factory, and you get a big one that started out as an apple like that and after the layers of chocolate they’re really, really big. >> like this or this? >> like this maybe. >> let’s start off with step one, app., what are we doing? >> first step, combine — >> we’ve got the apple. >> we’re following a recipe. water, vanilla over low heat. we have it all done. >> we have it all done. >> let’s quickly go over the ingredients here. you’ve got thectomies, we have fourectomies, you want to have the same amount of sticks as you havectomies, of course. fourectomies, four steams, square caramels, tw



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