Halloween Candy Segment

operation gratitude halloween buy back
onto abc2news.com. >>> thanks, jammy. idea of letting your kid seeing if thet let go of the candy they get may sound like mission impossible but hang on. dr. todd has an idea. buy the candy from the kids, send it to the troops overseas. it’s great idea and called operation gratitude. thanks for coming in doctor. >> thank you for having me. >> so you are a dentist and there’s sort of two causes probably close to your heart for this. explain what it is. >> operation gratitude is an organization that started a while back to help to supply care packages to the soldiers overseas. one of the programs is halloween buy back. and what we do do is the mop after halloween in this case because halloween is on a sunday, we are going to pay our kids that come in with candy a dollar per pound. for that, they will get goodies back with electric tooth brush and tooth paste and we will take their candy an



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