Halloween Candy Bark

Morning Blend Executive Producer, Kayla, shows Mary and Mike how to use left over Halloween candy!
>> thank you. it was great to talk to you. >> thank you very much. >> mike, over to you. >> thank you, march kwraoefplt whether it is this significant mentor any other you’ve seen can you access show clips online at omahamorningblend.com and you can share link was your friends and family and you can learn about where what has been on our website at omahamorningblend.com something like that. >> you are so eloquent. >> that is right. i’m here for you. >> we are looking for ways to solve problems of different varieties and today’s solution is probably the tastiest. >> whether your kids came home with pounds of that chocolaty goodness or have leftovers for trick-or-treating at your house and what is the recipe? >> our executive producer, kayla thomas, has more. >> and this didn’t look pretty but one of my friends posted on facebook for what she found on halloween candidatesy bark and it orig



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