Gyro Eating Competition

gyro eating competition
>> welcome back. today’s show we’re going big or going home. it’s all about some great big food, great big fashions. later we’ll make your eyes look big and beautiful, make them pop. right now, i love a good euro. we found a place that actually does something called the euro challenge. it’s called greek boys euro, and you have to eat a 3-pound euro in one hour and we actually found a guy who was ready to take the challenge. >> 3-pound euro, we put 2 large petas on the bottom. put onions, tomatoes, and then the meat. sauce in between. and more meat. more onions, more tomatoes, and more sauce on top. i think 2 pounds would have been too easy. and i figured it was 3 or 5. so i figured that 5 pounds would be too much, so 3 would be right in the middle. 5 people tried the challenge. 2 not won, 3 succeeded. the best time is 20 minutes. 20 minutes, young guy. ?? >> i don’t know if i’ll be able



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