Guinness Irish Stew

We’re cooking Guinness Irish Stew in The Rhode Show kitchen with 180 Restaurant.
little .li >> all right. night shadow. s good job over there courtney. do you have a nickname you would like us to refer you to? >> brian works.ri >> smart>> move. >> i’m sure ied willur come up with something to call you by theu e tnd of the hour. talk about what you’re making here as we get ready for st. patrick’s day. newport restaurant week, we’re gearing up for that.up >> we’re going to be making aa guinness irish stew, ane nriice tw two-hour simmering stew. w.we have lean chuck here,an rckegular white mushrooms, celery, carrots, two differentot kinds of potatoes, russet potato, russet potato being a natural thickener for the stew. and peas. >> it’s called guisnness irish stew, do you have stto make it with guinness? >> you do. absolutely. absolutely. te as ias said, we marinated the chuck for 20 hours, in guinness, garlic, bay leaf and add another pint of guinness to the stew st wh



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