Guacamole Recipe Perfect For Summer Days

Nibble on this tasty snack while you’re lounging on the patio.
in the kitchen to bring closure to this recipe we’ve been working on today. it is mango, avocado, some chicken, we put it all together. >> today we are doing this indoors. i would do it outdoors on the grill. you can do it in the oven or in the broiler. or a grill pan. start with the chicken we butter flied earlier. you want to do that so you have an even thickness, it will grill evenly. place it on 45-degree angle to grill grate for the nice diamond marks. >> so it is just for the look. >> you don’t have to do it. >> i thought gosh, does it cook differently. >> doesn’t taste different. you want to cook it for four minutes, 6 minutes, one side, then flip it another 45 degrees. you get those nice grilled diamond marks. it is basically — >> you don’t see those in my house often. you can do it. not that ard. place it 45 degrees, then rotate it. we have our chicken here. in order to tell wh



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