Guacamole Dip

Guacamole dip
any super bowl party. >> i’m here an angela moore and sarah copeland, making a football party favorite guacamole. maybe one of the best reasons to even have the super bowl, guacamole. >> absolutely. visitors to our site seem to think so. searches for guacamole spike through the roof before the super bowl. it is everyone’s favorite super bowl snack. >> we will open that up. >> you will show us the easy way to open these. >> i try to peel it. >> this is my favorite thing. twist like that. look how beautiful that is inside. this is great. >> once you have it cut open, we have a beautiful one. if there are brown spots, cut around them. a simple trick to get the avocado out. square it like that, and you have all of the tools you need right here. a simple kitchen spoon –. >>> and it just comes right out. >> look at that. >> i have been doing it an impossible way. >> three different ways to ma



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