Grown Up Grilled Cheese And Tomato Soup

Debra Queen is in the Conneciticut Style kitchen making a modern version of grilled cheese and tomato soup.
when you hear the words ” comfort food” what comes fto mind? maybe pot roast…stew…meat loaf… dung these cold winter months there’s nothing quite like it to warm you up and…just make you feel good…the queen of green cuisine….chef debra queen is here to share her recipe for what she calls modern upscale upcomfort food… od what are we making? 3 let’s get started3 cooking demo3 if you want chef wqueen’s recipe..just come to w-t-n-h dot com and click on connecticut style. chef queen jocelyn is going to have to taste this later in the show…can you stishck around? 3 coming up next…..carroll e. brown from the twest haven black coalition talks to s jocelyn about the uncoming martin luther king jr g tribute…when connecticut style returns…stick around. ou 3



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