Grocery Stores Ramp Up Shipments To Keep Up With Demand For

Although not in the path of totality, more visitors are expected to pass through the area and stores are making sure they dont run out of some items.
2 eclipse>> 2 grocery stores in eastern idaho are facing shortages in keeping their shelves stocked as the eclipse nears. cristle jose talked to some stores locally to see how they plan to keep up with demand. 2 stores in the mv have been stocking up their shelves in prep for an influx of sales leadin up to the total solar eclipse :08 2 2 51:28 we have our lead time. weve bumped our orders maybe 10-15% :04 2 53:56 so we’re gonna see prob 35-40% increase 2 although not in the path of totality…more visitors are expected to pass through the area…and stores like swensens and fred meyer are makin sure they don’t run out of some things. 2 2 51:10 we have several pallets of bottled water in reserve :04 2 2 53:19 so hot dogs were stocking up on. obviously we have a ton of water. we have a trailer full of ice. easy grab to go stuff bananas, apples, chicken over in the service deli :10 2 fred



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