Grocery Store Price Increases

Rising food prices
may have had to pay more than usual. prices are going up — and it’s not just food — it’s everything. cbs 21’s ewa roman is live with the cumberland county mobile newsroom in middlesex township. ewa, why is this happening? the weather. one grocery store owner tells us he’s dealing with it the best he can, while trying to do all he can to keep more money in your pocket. as with anything, prices at the grocery store fluctuate. sometimes there’s a sale on certain produce and sometimes there’s a sale on meat. but these days it seems prices are increasing for most items… and you’re noticing. sot phil rhone mechanicsburg resident cumberland county 12:10:19-28 ” you allocate a certain amount next thing you know it’s 10 percent more within a few weeks, makes it hard, especially for seniors.” karns store owner scott karns says prices vary greatly season to season and they try to hold off on ra



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