Grocer Stops Delivery To Needy Families

17 New Mexico churches had to break the bad news, after a charitable organization had to stop distributing low-cost, high-quality food this weekend.
in new mexico are wondering if nd they’ll ever see th se food they paid for. news 13’s jeffne3′ todd is here w ith the details. just hours before colorado-based lo -b”food share america” was scheduled to ded liver the food to 17 churches in the state, the e company emaild those distributionthdi sites and told them not toot expect any more deliveries. “the july shipment has been delayed.ay the bank has refused to loan any more money and the bank is refusing any more loans.”lo this is how th e email started.l two days before the company was set do deliver it’s food shipment customers were om told there would be no food. “i have ople that do th eir monthly shopping y wipith me and theyaney don’t have their grocireries for thisis month.” food share’sfo website says you can save up to 50 percent off your groceries. just below, “sorry, noor distribution and nothing else?” ” i’m sure there are



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