Grilling Tips From Cooks Corner

Grilling tips from Cooks Corner
a minute, but right now when it comes to grilling, they have all these new realy fun gadgets. some more crazy than the next. and some are just something you’re going to want to rount and pick up if you grill a lot, and let’s check in with pete at cook’s corn to see some of the neat new stuff he has. talk about some fun stuf, man, you went all out. >> well, thanks. we’re in front of my store with lots of col things for the barbecue season or tailgating or if you barbecue al year round. >> i do. >> we’re going into the colder season but i know i’m out there, and one of my favorites are these tongs. it gets dark and you’re out barbecuing. these are bright and cool. i remember in my backyard i have a deck with a light that goes off and on with the motion so i’ll be barbecuing and i have to jump up and down to get it back on. not with these. >> one of my favorite gauges is one of these babies



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