Grilling Tip: Outdoor Kitchen

Calise Outdoor Kitchen offers services such as designing outdoor kitchen and the grilling kit.
and i’m here. i was all ready to go outside and grill but he said it’s too hot. let’s stay in here. thanks and welcome aboard. and if i want to start. first what is an outdoor kitchen? >> a grill and side burner and accessories out just as if you would if you were cooking inside the kitchen. >> the center island and sink. >> the whole gamut. anything that you can use inside use outside. >> you have two show runs. >> once of durango and we have our new mega store in front of target. >> and people can come in and design their own outdoor kitchen right in the store. >> absolutely. we have a modular system that allows the customer to rol around the actual cabinets. >> what if i want to just get a new grill? how do i choose? >> the best is based on the size of your family. if you have just the two of you a small grill. 27-inch. gourmet grill is a great gril. if you have a larger family 37-42-



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