Grilling Safety

Grilling safety
simple…but plbuimportant safety tips. first..when it comes to propane….make sure all the connections are tight and secure abefore firing up a gas grill. “you want to make sure there are reno leaks anywhere..o .where valves connect. check the length of the hose…make sure no squirrels have been chewing haon it…because they do.” “on a gas grill…if you have a leak on one of your propane connections…it’s right in the area of the shut off valve which is going to allow you to turn the fire off. alot of those valves are made of pot metal and they’ll melt off. and from . there…if you cannot put the fire out because it is under pressure fro m the tank…thenm .tyou’ve got a real problem.” captain halpin also says never use a propan e grill indoors…or in a garage…or ion a balcony above the 1st floor. and don1s’t forget to keep and use t gas grills at least 10 feet away ffrom anyth



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