Grilling Gadgets

Make sure you are prepared the next time you grill with the right gadgets.
july coming. >> it seems like summer took forever to get here, it seems like it’s been here forever. we’ve been grilling for a while now. we have a few ideas and a few things as we hit the mid point, 4th of july. spice up the grill a little bit. we’ve been eating the burgers, hotogs, sausage, i brought a couple things to give you some other choices. >> let’s start with the thing that we may never have seen before. these are circle kabobs. >> anybody can have the wooden secure kabob. if you’re just eating it for a couple people, okay, but if you’re entertaing and want to do something a little different, little nicer, the circle kabob has the same result, nice little touch on it, reuseable. i cooked these on my grill last night, came out beautifully, no issues. little different. >> what’s this now? >> that’s a slider press. the latest craze. sliders on every menu in every restaurant. one o



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