Grilling Fish Tacos

Craig Fouhy cooks Phoenix Suns Fish Tacos on the grill
good recipe, too. >> we are kicking things off this morning. we have craig who is right here. >> hey andy! where did stephanie go? >> trust me, done, you’ll be here. we all see the phoenix suns last last. >> yeah that’s exciting. and phoenix suns fish tacos. >> so when we said bbq at least i said we’re making ribs. but we’re making fish tacos. >> should i take my sun glasses off? >> let’s get rid of these. >> i’ll tell you the truth. i begged cory williams to come cook with me, i said what’s bbq, what am i going to bbq. >> and then you get an e-mail saying you’re cooking. >> i went to cory and said, you have a cook book, right. and i said we’re going to start a new segment called cooking with cory, and he came up with these phoenix suns fish tacos. >> it has nothing to do with the phoenix suns other than the colors, we’re using carrots and some purple cabbage, and i like to use halibut a



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