guests come barbecue time listen up to this one. alisa bary, you have a great recipe great for the grill and flavorful, nutritious and affordable, too. >> i’m alisa bary with bella cucina and we are making a wonderful minted yogurt sauce. this h is really easy and a nice afordable way to make an ordinary meal extraordinary. >> what i’m doing to reduce the cost a little bit is pairing it with fresh turkey. you have the nice flavor of the lame and the affordable cost of the turkey. i’m adding some flavor and this is where the simple luck which comes in. lust a dark luxury comes in. we are going to add some of the wonderful chickpeas and it is marinated in olive oil so it will add a lot of flavor. put a couple of teaspoons of the chickpeas into the lamb and turkey mixture and this is the eggplant pesto. it has so much flavor. it is ugly but beautiful and delicious. kind of like a pesto, gro



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