Grilled Vegetable Antipasto

We’re cooking a Grilled Vegetable Antipasto with Noel and Lisa from Gold’s Gym on The Rhode Show’s backyard barbecue.
going on. thanks so much, court. let’s head over toad the backyard barbecue. patrick is there. >> lisa from gold’s gym from east greenwich in pawtucket and we’re cooking an antipasto grilled vegetable antipasto, tell pelleron what’s in this heart healthy meal, that i should be eating more than the junk i put in my body. >> it has a lot of fresh vegetables,es zucchini, summer squash, asparagus andgu we also have some extra stuff you can add at the end that’s going to be good. >> the extra stuff at the end. it’s like chocolate syrup. >> no. >> this is reallyhi good. >> a little more towards the vegetable end, but side dishes that you catould spice it up a little bit with.it >>>> lisa, this obviously chicken and some — well, what’s that stuff over there? >> what we’re going to do, it has cherrys tomatoesom, mozzarella rel, basil. the basil is going to go into the marinade and thee antipast



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