Grilled Swordfish W/Summer Vegetables

We’re cooking Grilled Swordfish with Summer Vegetables in the kitchen with Chef Ken Grande from The Lobster Pot.
send it on over to patrick, who is in the backyard barbecue. how is it going,oi patrick? >> ken grande is the chef at the lobster pot in bristol, jeff hersh, general manager. good morning guys. what do we have this morning? ni i was just showing pictureses of me fishing last night off the coast of newport. that’s what you’ve got this morning.g. >> we brought it for you today. >> lot easier to do t this way. >> let’s talk about the ingredients. >> we’re going to make vegetable v salad, baby greens, fresh tomatoes and i’m going to grill some t omatoes, egg plant, onions, greengr and yellow squash, and he’ll going to mix it altogether and he’ll going to add — i maded my own marinaded mushrooms and roasted peppers, i was proosed asparagus, onions, beets, more roasted tomatoes, and then i’m going to mix it altogether,er i’m going to build a sword, put it all on a top, t shredded parmesan han



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