Grilled Steak Bruscetta Salad

Grilled steak bruscetta salad
steak bruscetta salad. it’s easy and delicious. take a look. >> i’m here in the world famous “better homes and gardens” test kitchen in des moines, iowa, with nancy hopkins, deputy food editor. >> that’s right. welcome, kim. glad to have you. >> i’m thrilled. this is a beautiful place. >> know what i realy like to show you is how to prepare this simple recipe. it was a grand prize winner in our prize recipe annual challenge. >> what’s the name of it? >> it’s a griled steak bruscetta salad. so simple. a quarter cup of prepared horseradish, quarter cup of dijon mayonnaise blend. i really love this. quarter cup of — magic number. >> the math is really simple. and two tablespoons of fresh lemon juice. we are just going to whip that together until it’s wel blended. dressing-like. >> out of al the recipes, what was the standout about this one? >> i’m quite partial to it. it was my favorite. t



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