Grilled Statler Chicken Breast

We’re cooking Grilled statler breast with parmesan polenta cake, sauteed rabe and stewed tomato with Executive Chef Kevin DeLibero from Newport Restaurant Group.
foxprovidence.com. but right now, we’re goighng to head into the kitchen to see what’s cooking. >> we’re with kevin delibero and newport restaurdant week is underway and we’re going to stray away from the st. joseph’s day t heme, right, kevin? >> i’m going to pick up some zapalas. >> this is a dish that we’ll be serving off our restaurant week menu in narragansett. it’s going to be a 10-ounce grilled statler brgreast, served with a parmesan people withme polenta cake. >> you see on the screen — >> we have the rabe that we’re going to blanch later, we’ll have salt, red pepper cakes, the parmesan polenta cake and on my polenta takes two to two and a a half hours to cook and i’ll show i you how to finish that off and we’ll grill the statler breast as well. the chickeis right here. >> oh, ok. >> i’m looking around, i see all these fancy ingredients, bu it i don’t see any chicken. >> here’s



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