Grilled Spiedini On The Rhode Show

Grilled Spiedini on The Rhode Show
now.???? >>> welcome to the kitchen and “the rhode show.” i am already eating? >> you have sauce on you. >> i know. i can feel it. i can feel it here and here and probably on my blouse. >> i love this sauce. >> real simple. >> quick pan sauce. >> pick your protein. we do veal, chicken in veal. do the veal. >> couple of veal can you tell lets. lets — cut lets. >> okay. >> am i doing it. >> i was born to take off my rings. >> we will have you do pork. >> okay. >> what will we be doing. >> roll it up. >> roll it up. >> take carmelized onions and use your hands. we will wash afterwards. >> they are clean. >> do this? >> yes. >> a little sauce. a spoonful. >> i love this sauce. >> okay. >> on top of the onions. >> on top. >> piece of fresh mozzarella and provalone. >> fantastic in give me the same. >> here. >> got it. >> this is big enough for cheese. >> all right. >> perfect. >> roll it up.



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