Grilled Salmon With Bean & Fig Salad

Greek grilled Norwegian salmon with white bean and fig salad.
cooking becaus e you’re always on the go..our xt goguest will hopefully inspire you with a dish that’s easy…healthy and quick. chef nicole straight is a private chef and cooking instructor and she’s says “it’s time to eat!” welcome your recipes are designed for parents and busy you say it is always time tao eat. >> yeah. >> i know for a guy like me, i’m usually on my own with the dogs or if i have to cook for myself, i’m always trying to match off somebody. i don’t want to do anything. . >> with fish, people make lot but this is ais great dish for one person. this is six ounces of salmon. a serving size. any serbing serving size of protein should fit in the palm of your hand. you can do it on a cedar plank or in then oven on foil. we will assemble this. salmon is so healthy, especially from norway, should be eating it two to three times a wek. >> whoa, whoa. >> i k now. >> two to three



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