Grilled Salad & Grilled Pizza

Gold’s Gym cooked Grilled Pizza Prosciutto di parma and Portabella Mushroom during our ‘Backyard Barbecue’.
>> we were talking about gold’s gym. >> we were talking about gold’s gym and how hard core they are, an my favorite workout is when they work you so hard, you think you’re going to pike. >> and then you don’t puke and you come to the grill and star making food like this. >> this is noel and matt from gold’s gym and they’re teaching us how to be more healthy when it comes to summer barbecues, which is important this time of year because you have the graduations and parties and cookouts. tell me what we’re making. >> this is a grilled pizza, whole wheat dough and i’m putting on it roasted red pepper. it’s a little switchup from the ordinary. >> i’m sorry. what kind of cheese do you have on there? >> that’s feta cheese. >> fat free feta cheese. >> could you — i’m not a big feta fan. could you substitute a different keys? >> could you. >> you don’t like your cheese to spell had like feet. >



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