Grilled Rib Eye

Grilled Rib Eye
“the rhode show.” do you see theoke? i am the great lily. it’s because chef kevin delibero just smoked some mozzarella right in fraront of us. >> and a nice rib eye too that he’s slicing up. >> well, i got all the food ready for you guys — >> we’re doing this a little differently. >> we’re going to taste some food with some pairings. the cheese with the beer, and then the steak with theth wine. >> ok. >> and whandt you should pair with certain foods. and that’s why i brought the professionalon with me, lenny, to help me out.t. >> i have to say as chef kevin is getting set s up, the other dayray i went to trio,ri oh my gosh, i have been dreaming of this truffle with lobster, it was so delicious and i have toi say, trio, wh ich is one of newport restaurant groups restaurants, is really a really coolll place,la decorated so nice, one block off the beach. i mean, it was — it was hopping to



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