Grilled Potatoes

Grilled potatoes
is fios. this is big. >>> if you like to cook steaks on the grill we have the perfect side dish. grilled potatoes. >> i’m diana mcmillan, food editor for midwest magazine. i’m hire to inspire you. i have got some raw potatoes right here. the main, most important thing to rember is to pre-cook them. if you boil them, for example, in water for ten minutes they are ready to go on the grill and they don’t have to cook so long and they get the wonderful grilled flavor and they are done. what i have here is a bowl of potatoes with squash and mushrooms. they have been pre-coked. so i’m going to do kabobs with these. i’m going to choose a metal secure. if you choose a bamboo secure you’ll want to soak those in water so they don’t burn when they are grilling. you just skewer your potatoes, in this case long, fingerling potatoes. they go on really well because they are pre-cooked. the trick is to



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