Grilled Naan Pizza

Chef Edd Hite from Wegmans shows how easy it is to make a Grilled Naan Pizza even if you don’t have a grill!
>>> all right, well nobody likes to eat more than good morning maryland at 9:00. mike is here filling in nor justin, and he’s the official taste tester today. >> amazing. >> so you keep eating. we’re here with wegman chef ed. what are you making? >> we’re making naan pizza today. it does say grilled, but today obviously with the rain, we will show you can do this inside the house. we have our naan bread, which is a traditional eastern indian bread usually made out of white flour, but we have a few different varieties. today i’m using the white. there’s garlic, whole grain, which if you’re trying to get grains in your diet, it’s perfect to sneak that in there a little bit. we’re going to start off with spreading our dip on top of our naan bread. >> okay. >> and then once we get that on there — i know it’s funny. naan bread. >> what we did here, and some baby spinach with a little bit of



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