Grilled Mahi Mahi

Today we’re cooking Grilled Mahi Mahi with Chef Marty Quinn from The Windward Restaurant.
thank you. >> speakingg bad qualitieses patrick little in the kttitchen >> that was too easy for you yo ben. that was lay up. marty quinn from within ward restaurant inre newport is joiningni me. and appropriately newp ort, seafood, mahi mahi. tell us what is inn ingredients i for dish you’re preparing for us f this morning is >> >> i’m preparing one dishes of seafood madness we have at ssthe within war d right htnow. and mahi mahi is goingis to be grilled. i have some different dre colored ol sea salts that i’m going to put on it, and i have some rice cakeak and mandarin orange glaze. okay. and this is looks likes almost a sushi arrangement here. >>e. correct. tell us more of an appetizer or full meal? >> full meal. we’re autographing ag prefix menu a choice between chowder and lobster bisque a house salad and one ofe four food entrees. your missi on to combination me,on i’m nott never



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