Grilled Lobster With George’s Of Galilee

We’re grilling lobster with Chef Leon Sampson of George’s of Galilee in The Rhode Show’s backyard barbecue.
who i believe is outside in the kitchen. >> you know, it’s summer, summer is here from outside. this is leon from george’s of o galilee, everybody knows where that is, point judit judithway in narragansett, what are you making this morninngg? >> red lobster. grilled oysters.d spring into summertime. >> tell me a little bit about the ingredients. >> we’re going to have some garlic, some tomatoes, some butter, some lemon, cilantro and zombie. >> some beer. are you cooking it in the beer? >> yes, i am.m. >> how does that work, for tse of us that don’t drink? >> delicious. you know, you just steam it up in the beer with your garlic, your tomatoes, giveoeiv it a little toss, real simple. >> george’s of galilee, were you just jumping this weekend, was it packed? >> really packed.d. non-stop. >> is this supposed to be your day off? >> day off. >> little tired? >> a little tired, long weekend. >



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