Grilled Bison Ribeye W/ Potatoes Anna

We’re cooking Grilled Bison Ribeye w/ Potatoes Anna and Chimichuri with Flemings Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar.
can shareca it with your friends. >> let’s go overo to the kitchen right now. patrick little. >> she does like to shop. she’s the bestsh dressed person i work with,h, right. hi, mike. from flemings, you’re dressed appropriately if you have for your role on “the rhode show.”e .”>> mr. skwrao: it is the morning. >> this morning we’reg cooking — well, you tell, me. >> we’re doingre something different. t.we’re doing a bison rib eye.ib e we’re doing a windoea dinner coming up, preparing all our food with wines made by golfwiers, so one of the ones we’re doing is ameisrican bison rib eye, leaner than a normal rib eye, great summer dish and what’s nice about it, it’s a low fi f dish, it’s e iasy to prepare, you can stay outside. >> i’m color blind. what is that? >> spaghetti squash. >> and this is one ofe the — i’m sure one of the more m popular items on your menu. >> this is actually, we’re



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