Grill Your Dessert

Grill your dessert
>> the most tempting of all with one of the garden of eden’s number one fruits. apples. they are plentiful year round. what a simple, wderful, tasty dessert with or without ice cream. you need approximately four people one cup of brown sugar. a half cup or a little more to your liking of your favorite type of dried fruit, and a tea responsible of cinnamon. just top off the apple, core it out like this. make a little pocket. take your fork and we’re going to pierce the inside of the flesh. it’s really important. pierce it like that. >> like with a poto.o. >> exactly. this will allow that mixture to get into the flesh of the apple. now, we’re going to take our — some raisins in it. put it in here just like that. simple, easy. >> you could do this for guests — >> exactly. >> a dinner party. >> right. >> or to impress your kids. >> or a breakfast item. if you camp, this is great for campin



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