Grill Safety Tips

Vally Falls Fire Dept. Cheif Brian joined The Rhode Show to share tips on how to practice safe grilling this summer.
thanks, danielle. and actually, this is really one of the first weekends that we’ve had the opportunity to really break out the grill and enjoy it, and so what a better time than this to talk about grill safety. joing us right now from the valley falls fire department is chief brian, thanks for coming in and being on “the rhode show” this morning. what are some of the things, if you are just getting your grill out, like over of the weekend or maybe some people were at cookouts, now they want to grill at home, what do you do to ensure that it’s not a fire hazard. >> actually w we start the grng season, the association of fire chiefs recommend that you inspect the grill before grilling. over the course of the winter, you can get mice that build nests inside the grill. inspect the grill thoroughly before you start grilling and what we do is we check inside the grill, make sure that we don’t



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