Greenfield Local Meals

Greenfield Local meals
local budget gaps. but 22news reporter shane symolon found one community that y is saying it won’t work for them. emlast night the greenfield town council voted against taking advantage of the threent quartofers t qof a percent meals tax, which would bring taxes in a restaurant up to 7 percent. many comt.munities in e pioneer valley have voted for the meals tax, to help pay for hutoge budp get shortfalls. greenfshield ialtself has been looking for ways to raise revenue after making big kiigcuts to personnel and services. eshowever many restaurant owners and residents thankfulre the tax didn’t pass, because they say the towns priority has to be in developing its downtown. “i think it might “ihurt some local restaurants, people might eojust decide to stay in.” “htaolyoke, springfield, northampton, amherst all taking on takhis meals tax, it really puts greenfield in the position of being ev



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